Prototype is an open-world action game for Windows
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Prototype is an open-world, action game for Windows. It takes place in the city of New York, where a virus is turning residents of the Big Apple into hungry zombies. You play a character named Alex, who wakes up in the morgue not remembering how he got there and realizing that he now has special powers.

The game is of the sand-box type, just like the Spiderman series. You are given a set of missions that you need to complete, and those missions make you travel from A to B through the city. Thankfully, the controls for moving around and climbing up and down buildings are excellent. You are given control over the moves. There are lots of upgrades and new moves that you can get to upgrade your character. They are unlocked by using the experience points (EP) that you get from killing enemies, completing missions or doing in-between mission challenges.

The combat system is great, and you unlock different weapons and moves, as you play the game. There are many combos that you can use to absolutely obliterate your enemies. There are tons and tons of unlockable items and moves. Perhaps too many. You may even realize, that you can't possibly remember them all. The special moves are perhaps the best part of the fighting mechanism. When you have complete health, you can pull devastator moves, which kill everything next to you. The animations are excellent and the graphics quality is astonishing.

You should be able to get some good twenty hours of gameplay out of this game. Some of the challenge missions are very addictive, and when there are unlockable items, it is hard not to try to unlock them all.

José Fernández
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  • Great graphics.
  • Great controls.
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